If you have come this far, your circumstances might be one of the following:

  • You frequently travel on business looking for new Spanish-speaking markets or customers.
  • You export to Spanish-speaking countries or are planning to do so.
  • You have foreign suppliers from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Your Spanish-speaking clients’ portfolio is increasing.
  • You are considering or are in the midst of internationalisation to Spanish-speaking countries.
  • You attend fairs, events, international congresses in Spanish-speaking countries as an audience or a speaker.
  • You have a joint project in collaboration with other Spanish-speaking professionals or for a Spanish-speaking client.
  • You handle documents in Spanish, which you need to understand accurately or prepare your own ones.
  • You handle highly sensitive official documents that require certified translation in Spanish.
  • You publish or plan to publish in Spanish magazines.
  • You are involved in a Spanish research project.

And you are aware that your product, service or research loses value and opportunities if it is not communicated accurately, fluently, and mistake-free, in benefit of your product, service or research, your personal or your business image.

And you feel that if you are not up to your interlocutors’ task, you lose abilities to understand, react, and lose your share of control of the situation or decision-making power.

And the solutions currently offered by the market are under established and fixed timetables that require you to adapt to them and not the other way around.

And your back office assists you in office hours but not always with the immediacy you need. Many situations arise from conversations or exchange of business documents, and you have to deal with them alone, as office hours are already over or haven’t started yet.

External services, subject to availability and timetable, do a good job but do not provide the added value that would enable a more fluid relationship with your interlocutor, in terms of previous advice on cultural aspects or negotiation habits or subsequent analysis of perceptions based on the assistant’s experience.

And you need to gain autonomy in your communication and, above all, security. And in any case, you need immediate assistance in this communication.

Tell us about your circumstances, and together we will find the ideal solution fully adapted to your needs, which can be a single service for a single occasion, a specific ongoing service, a combination of services for a single occasion or a combination of ongoing services. You either pay for the service provided once it is completed or purchase a voucher of hours for that specific ongoing service, which does not expire but is personal and non-transferable. The same applies to the combination of services. This does not apply to specialised and certified translations or interpreting services.

These are business training sessions in Spanish tailored to you, your sector, your needs and your objectives. They are delivered online, live and just for you, as they are tailor-made for you. You decide when, how often and for how long, and this can be changing and decided on the fly.

We adapt to the spaces in your agenda, and if necessary, they will be held at night or on weekends. This also applies to our document writing support and, of course, to our real-time emergency service.

Of course, and in any circumstance, as long as you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer, good reception signal and preferably an internet connection to make a video call. If you don’t have an internet connection, it can still be done, although with more limited resources.

We sign a CONFIDENTIALITY document with our clients that legally binds us not to disclose any data or information.

Yes, we connect online and attend with you.

No, the voucher is personal and non-transferable and does not expire.

No, it can be exchanged for other services. In any case, vouchers do not expire.

Always. It is essential to establish a professional relationship of knowledge and trust.

Depending on your objectives, we will see the Business Spanish you need and the areas of the language to be addressed (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, conversation, written expression, etc.). In any case, your preferences will always be taken into account. Training sessions will always be related to the sector of your activity, in all cases.

Not exactly. We review the documents that you or your team have produced in Spanish, or, failing that, we translate the document from scratch. If necessary, we will suggest improvements if we detect that the structure or phrases chosen may not be suitable for your purpose or may break any cultural or protocol norms. We will help you from start to finish to ensure that your document is appropriate and facilitate a good understanding. Regarding the documents you receive from your interlocutor, we will provide a translation service and, if necessary, ambiguity detection so that you can be aware. Together we will determine whether the written relationship established with your contact person is transparent and on the right track without, a priori, obvious risks. This assistance applies to any documents (emails, reports, meeting minutes, budgets and offers, collaboration agreements, proposals, company or service presentations…).

On the other hand, our service is a comprehensive communication assistance service. We do not carry out any other tasks beyond the language service and cultural/protocolary advice.