Language and communication advisory services for international business relations.
Let nothing stop your business growing.

In a world without borders, it's time to tear ours down.

We operate in an increasingly globalised world where borders are gradually being blurred. Internationally-focussed strategies are no longer the exception but the norm for successful businesses. To a greater or lesser extent, we all establish international relations in our businesses; suppliers, customers or collaborators from another country either on a regular or occasional basis are common in most sectors. Just as common is the need to communicate in a different language. The quality of such communication has a direct impact on the image we present of our business and our own professional capabilities.

Oftentimes, the lack of clarity and fluidity in communication becomes the main obstacle to the development of relationships between parties. Ultimately, imperfect communication can greatly hinder  the achievement of our objectives.

Language is not the only barrier to effective communication. Awareness of social customs, cultural, religious and protocolary aspects in the context of business is key to minimise uncertainty and maximise the chances for successful communication—the keystone of any good business agreement.  business. For example, did you know that in Bulgaria a nod means ‘NO’?

It is time to break down language and cultural barriers. Let’s explore the world market; with the right professional support and advise, there are no borders. Don’t let opportunities go by due to a lack of confidence in your language skills; we are here to help your business and your confidence grow.


Microtraining sessions

Spanish for your business. The Spanish you need targeted to your objectives and current skills. Online training sessions, individual, tailored to your needs and adapted to your agenda. Its duration, the time you have available. Its frequency, the one you decide. Themes to address, those ones you are interested in.

Document writing support

We review any writing that arises from the international business relationship with Spanish-speaking countries. Email exchanges, meeting minutes, technical documents, quotes, agreements, reports, presentations, speeches; you name it, we edit it, improve or translate from scratch.

Real-time assistance

On-call and emergency service. We stay at your disposal at anytime for as long as you need us to instantly support your oral or written communication. Whether you are in a meeting or attending a fair or networking event; we offer real-time solutions for situations that have to be dealt with on the spot.

Other professional services

Technical, academic and certified translations. We can cater for the most specialised and most demanding translations in any language combination. We also offer remote simultaneous interpretation services.