SPEAKE & SOLVE provides comprehensive assistance in international business relations with Spanish-speaking partners in the field of oral and written communication, taking into account not only the working language but also environmental, cultural, formal and protocolary aspects to encourage fluency and good understanding, so that decision-making is carried out with guarantees. Our support maximises the chance to succeed in your business.


You decide when, how long, on what.

“This afternoon I will have an hour free, waiting at the airport until my next plane takes off,  could we go over the vocabulary and the most frequent expressions in a negotiation?”

Microtrainings are business-focused, online, live, individual, participative and fully flexible training sessions in Spanish, both for the schedule, the duration, the subject and for the aspect of the language you want to work on …. We will optimise every second of the session, from the very first, because your time is scarce and valuable and there is no time to lose. You decide the regularity of the sessions, once or as many times as they may arise. Just give us enough time to prepare and make them your own.


Documentary support:

No place for doubt, neither for you nor for your partner.

“I have received this proposal in English. I need to understand it to be able to give an answer in tomorrow’s meeting with our Spanish suppliers. Would you please take a look at it? Tell me and I´ll tell you next”

“I have this email ready to be sent to an Mexican customer. Would you mind taking a look at it and telling me whether it’s correct?”

An expert will check and, if it is necessary, translate all those documents arising in a current or future international relationship: an email, presentation, report, speech, technical document, budget…

Here is an agile and accurate service.

Real-time assistance:

Do not worry, I am on the other side.

“On Tuesday I have several meetings in Barcelona. I need you to be available for anything that might come up.”

If you have a trade fair, event or meeting, either in person or online, count on us on demand and in real time for as long as you expect to need any assistance. Technology will help us be by your side and respond appropriately to your needs so you can also solve it immediately.

If you want security and diligence at your international meetings, SPEAK & SOLVE is on-call.


Other professional services:

No matter how complex it may seem, we also solve it with guarantees.

  • Specialised translation and sworn translation. We place at your disposal professional collaborators with proven experience in translation of texts of any subject and complexity, and for a use that requires the highest quality, such as articles to be published or legal validity granted texts, and in any language combination. Each specialised text will be assigned to the appropriate expert in that field and this first translation  will be afterwards double-checked by two other professionals to ensure its accuracy and meaning. Quality and service are guaranteed.
  • Two-way remote interpretation service. Qualified and experienced interpreters will help you understand exactly what is being said and accurately translate your speech in real time. Immediacy and precision for a perfect understanding.