About us


My name is Natalia Tresguerres, and I am the managing partner at SPEAK & SOLVE.
I truly believe that this project is in my DNA, that it is an extension of who I am.

My passion for languages was born when I was 7 years old, during a family holiday to an international tourism hot spot in the Mediterranean. Even then, I was very sociable and curious and could not wait to learn the language of those children from all over so that I could talk and play with them. Finding English lessons in my small town back then was not without difficulties but, by the next term, I was enrolled and loving it. Five years later, I was one of the few students to take French as a foreign language at school and German lesson followed when I was 13. Juggling it all was a challenge for my parents and for me too but I also hugely rewarding and the curiosity for other cultures only grew with my knowledge of languages.

The journey of discovery continued as I got older with trips abroad and longer stays in different European countries which shaped the person I am today.

I have a degree in Information Science and I am an expert in public relations and communication in international business. Needless to say that I am also immensely lucky to enjoy interacting with other cultures, both in my personal and professional lifes.

For whatever the purpose, good interactions require precise communication, accurate understanding and careful attention to cultural idiosyncrasies; never letting a misunderstood comment or an unintentional gesture spoil the tone of an exchange. In short, optimising face-to-face or virtual interactions.



I have twenty years of professional experience in international environments. I first worked in Central Europe dealing with customers around the world and, returning to Spain in 2000, I was the right-hand woman for the chairman of an engineering company that faced global recession by expanding their business in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia. During that time, I was also involved in diplomatic work as an assistant to the Honorary Consul of Angola in Asturias.

I have learned to listen to exactly what is said and to interpret it from a business perspective, to clearly express what is meant explicitly and implicitly. I place great importance in understanding the idiosyncrasies of the environment and of my interlocutor as well as in managing timing in communication and pride myself in navigating relationships sensitively; steering clear of time thieves and proposals that will come to nothing. None of this is possible without

  • mastering the language of communication, good understanding and care of cultural aspects.
  • experience to determine whether a negotiation is on the right track or will come to nothing.
  • agility to move on when necessary freeing time, money emotional effort that could have been invested in more promising prospect.

Significance and need

In conclusion, I firmly believe that success in international business dealings is based on precision in oral and written exchanges, agile communication and clear and decisive documents.  Fast and accurate response and on demand support to resolve issues as they arise are the drivers for our comprehensive online assistance service.

SPEAK & SOLVE has been created with the sole objective of helping you to optimise your international business relations in Spanish-speaking countries.
With a team of highly qualified, experienced and efficient collaborators, I assist and support professionals and managers like you, achieve their expectations in those international markets. We offer the tools you need to:

  • minimise anxiety and mistrust in your international dealings.
  • avoid situations where you feel blocked or loose the lead in the negotiations because of lack of language proficiency.
  • achieve a level playing field and have the confidence to be decisive.

You can count on the SPEAK & SOLVE team help you take full advantage of  international opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries for your company. We help make international business happen.